Build a community, Not a crowd.

Manifested, lived, bootstrapped all for a better future, a more collaborative one, a stronger community.Like the journey of any creative piece of art it comes with its sacrifice, sleep less nights, tests and failures, but a journey only we get to live (full of passion). One that pushes back against the naysayers and those that give us a box to live within.So why did we build this? It’s just a simple app right? Well, the story of how this even exists is looong, but in short we live and breathe music, fashion, creative arts, and real life connections.There is always something special when you bring creators together and this is a tool to help foster more of those collaborations IRL.Beyond the creators, comes the communities that we build... one that unifies people of all different walks of life, cultures, beliefs and choices of the world they want to live.Not many things in life do this beyond the arts. Well sport… but, still that’s an intersection of art.So the ethos of all of this was simple: use technology the right way. Social media has changed our lives by micro dosing dopamine-fuelled content all by a super smart algorithm (that knows us better than us) designed to keep us addicted.We are becoming less social at the hands of “social” media.Some blame the technology (oh... and also covid), but we blame the way it is used. What if we built tech that creates a closer connection between the local creators and communities around us? What if we spread more love, more unity, more acceptance, more art? It was our duty to build an algorithm that prioritises creating global citizens that share real experiences together by reconnecting and keeping them connected with humanity.Less scrolling the rabbit hole of mind numbing social entertainment, but instead information being used for the purpose of discovering a stronger connection around you.Finding and partying with your people globally!Culture will continue to evolve around us, and so will we, but the hope is that we keep growing together with the common goal of being addicted to life and not the screen.Without creators we have no art; without communities we have no inspiration. Remember it never ends so don’t let it - WKND