Build a community,

not a crowd.

Creators thrive best through collaboration and exploration. Automate your task system so you can overlook the details and focus on the vision.

Automate your Promo Team

Capture leads using the top social media platforms with unique promoter links and analytics tracking.

You can finally track and reward high-performing promoters and influencers without tedious administration or complicated calculations.

More than just ticketing

Whether you are planning a VIP experience with guest lists only or you are selling out a festival WKND has access-type options built for Music Experiences.
From Tickets, Guest Lists and Table Service packages you select the mix.

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30% from last week

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Supercharge your organic growth

Stop fighting algorithms, advertisers and big brands instead grow an engaged community.
We don't replace social media but, we help segment your most loyal fans helping you grow organically.


Using the latest in intelligence technology we help hosts choose the right pricing strategy, music selection and local dynamics for their events improving the experience for all.

Actionable data in your hand

With all the data in one place, WKND creates new opportunities to analyze data and generate new leads.

By understanding the expectations of the partygoers you can meet them with the right sound which, supercharges the growth of current and future events.

Private Mode

We provide a private mode for exclusive invite-only events. Whether you are running an AP or the After Hours WKND MGMT allows you not only to make the event private but, to hide the location until just before the event.

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