Hosting a music event just got easier

WKND MGMT is an all-in-one management tool that let’s you create events, handle ticketing, automate lead generation and so much more.

Say goodbye to
  • Operational inefficiencies.
  • Heavy dependence on 3rd party services.
  • Declining profit margins.
  • Limited actionable customer data.
  • Messy DMs and manual lead generation

Introducing WKND MGMT

Let’s see how it works

  • Get access

    Once your application is approved by our team, you will be provided the login credentials to our Mobile app which is available on Android and iOS.

  • Create a new event

    Fill in all basic information such as name, location, timings, add photos and other details.

  • Personalise your access types

    We provide 3 access types that you can chose from:
    • Standard tickets
    • Guestlists (Free or discounted ticket prices)
    • Table packages
    Partygoers are charged an additional transaction fee which means that you get the full amount you charge.
  • Host for Free!

    Yup, that’s absolutely right. WKND operates on a “host-free” revenue model. This means hosts can create events on WKND for free!

Time to supercharge

Let us help you take your experience global. It’s time for you to relax and let us handle the heavy lifiting.

Organic Lead Generation

We provide a market place where partygoers can discover events based on music genre, location, time and date.

Data in your hand

With all the data in one place, WKND creates new opportunities to analyze data and generate new leads. This supercharges the growth of current and future events.

Manage your Promo Team

Capture leads using the top social media platforms with unique promoter links and analytics tracking. You can finally track and reward high-performing promoters without tedious administration or complicated calculations.

Easy management

Tracking RSVP’s by access type, check-in partygoers directly and manage waitlists all in one place.

Supercharge your growth

We automate, increase conversion and provide business insights so you can grow at scale with WKND MGMT.

Coming Soon
Split payments

Partygoers can share and even split payments with their friends through connected social media accounts.

Private events

We provide a private mode for exclusive invite-only events. Only people to whom the link is shared can access the event.